Gifts for the Bride and Groom

With wedding season upon us, we’ve put together some of our favorite wedding gifts. These beautiful homewares are the kind the happy couple will hold on to for years to come.

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Gather Around: Gifts for the Table

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Bees & Honey

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Pioneer Trek Clothing!

Shop our inventory of trek clothing including frontier shirts, skirts, bonnets, bloomers, vests, and satchels. Made of cotton muslin, these clothes are breathable and lightweight for long hot summer days. Come visit the store or call 801-802-6064 to order over the phone.

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April Events

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.00.45 PM.png

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Letterpress Art

We’re so pleased to introduce letterpress designs by Athenaeum Press to our store. These three designs are full of meaningful symbols, to say nothing of the important words they contain! Each is pressed on 16×20 Crane Lettra paper. $60 each

Letterpress Articles of Faith 16x20 $60Letterpress Family Proclamation 16x20 $60Letterpress Living Christ 16x20 $60

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Easter Artwork

Easter comes early this year. Find meaningful artwork to bring the peace and hope of the season into your home. Call the store to order or to request more information.

From left to right, row by row:

  • “Gethsemane Prayer Garden” by Linda Curley Christensen
    • 17×20 framed canvas $139.99
    • 13×15 framed print $34.99
  • “The Good Shepherd” by Simon Dewey
    • 16×20 framed $99
    • 3×4 card $0.50
  • “White on White” bronze sculpture $850
  • “The Empty Tomb” by Linda Curley Christensen
    • 17×22 framed canvas $139.99
    • 12×14 framed print $34.99
  • “King of Love My Shepherd” by Julie Rogers
    • 14×24 artist-enhanced framed canvas $750
  • “Beautiful Gate” by Linda Curley Christensen
    • 18×21 framed canvas $139.99
    • 12×14 framed print $34.99
  • “Out to Greener Pastures” by Linda Curley Christensen
    • 12×12 framed ORIGINAL $1200
  • “Five Lamb Friends” by Linda Curley Christensen
    • 8×8 framed ORIGINAL $775
  • “Behold the Fowls of the Air” by Linda Etherington
    • 14×18 framed ORIGINAL $1050
  • “Why Weepest Thou” by J. Kirk Richards
    • 8×8 framed canvas $149.95
    • 5×5 canvas $6.95
    • 8×8 canvas $24.95
    • 12×12 canvas $49.95
  • “Ready to Play” by Linda Curley Christensen
    • 6×6 framed ORIGINAL $436
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