Hearthside Dinner Series: Minerva Teichert


Triumphant Return Minerva TeichertScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.58.51 AMEvery couple of weeks, we gather at La Jolla Groves to share a meal and learn about an artist, tradition, or piece of history. We call them our Hearthside Dinners and would love for you to join us.

On June 2, we have invited art historian Micah Christensen to teach us about Minerva Teichert. When Teichert finished her art studies in 1917, she and her husband moved to a ranch in Wyoming. There, she was not only isolated from the art world, but the young couple couldn’t afford art supplies. For a time, she drew on scraps of wood and bits of paper instead.

Over time, however, Teichert found ways to use her artwork to help others. She gave art lessons out of her home, donated paintings to BYU to pay for her children’s tuition, and painted over 400 murals, some of which are in temples. She is most well-known for her paintings of scenes from the Book of Mormon, and for her paintings of the Savior.

The event includes dinner at La Jolla Groves, the Minerva Teichert presentation, and a giclee print of “Triumphant Return” (pictured above). Call (801)802-6064 to purchase tickets ($25).


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