The Genealogy of Christ

Genealogy Bible PageOctober is National Family History month. Here at Zion’s Mercantile, we are bringing genealogy to the forefront of our Provo gallery with special Bible pages of the genealogy of Christ.

The first King James Version of the Bible was printed in 1611. A few editions printed between 1611 and 1640 included special genealogy pages of Adam and Eve, Noah, the 12 Tribes of Israel, and Jesus Christ.

These supplemental pages were created by a cartographer named John Speed. Rather than simply list the generations of ancestors and descendants, he drew the genealogy as a sort of family tree, hand-carved woodcut engravings of the images, and then printed to paper. To print correctly, the original genealogy woodcuts had to be engraved backwards. All told, the genealogy is 34 pages long.

Can you imagine carving your own family tree into wood? How many pages do you think you would need?

Come by our art gallery in Provo to take a look at these pages in the original KJV and Geneva Bibles. You can also order replicas with custom framing to bring the Bible’s genealogy into your own home.

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