Pioneer Cooking

Preparing a Meal Was Hard Work in Pioneer Times
The Early American Settlers spent much of their time first finding their food, and then cooking it. Food had to be hunted, trapped, foraged, or planted. They had to kill and butcher their meat, forage for wild plants, fruits or nuts, or plant and harvest their crops.

Before each meal, they had to chop wood for their fire, carry buckets of water from a stream or river, and prepare and cook their meal in an outdoor campfire or kitchen hearth. Most meals were prepared in one pot because that’s often all the family had. Sometimes there was only one plate or bowl that the entire family had to share, eating one at a time. This was not an easy life!
Just reading this has made me so very tired. I think I will stop at a Drive up and pick up some dinner. I’m just too tired to cook today!

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