It’s All About Fun

Pioneer children worked very hard, but they also had time for games and fun. Marbles, string games, outdoor running games were some of their favorites. I watch a lot of the children today and they think they have to be entertained in order to have fun. They are attached to a hand-held device or a tv and they aren’t outside making their own fun. I remember building grad and elaborate forts with my brothers. We explored the hillside by our home and the world was our playground. Since the weather has been awfully warm here, (Utah) send the kids outside for some fun. If you want to make it extra fun….join them. The fresh air will do the soul good. Enjoy!

Play some baseball with the kids!


Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man’s Bluff is a game where one person is blindfolded and the other people are in a circle around him/her. Someone turns the blindfolded person around several times and lets him/her go to try and tag someone in the circle. Whoever gets tagged becomes the next blindfolded person.

Drop the Handkerchief

In Drop the Handkerchief (called Duck, Duck, Goose today), players form a circle and hold hands while “it” takes a handkerchief or a cloth and runs around the circle and drops the handkerchief behind someone in the circle. That person then picks up the handkerchief and runs the opposite direction of the one who dropped the handkerchief to try and beat him/her back to the place where “it” began. Whoever does not get back to fill in the empty space is “it.”

Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag is a game played on bright, sunny days. Someone is chosen to be “it” at the beginning of recess. That person tries to step on somebody’s shadow. If the others try to hide under a tree or in the shade, they can only do so to the count of ten before they must come out into the sun to be part of the game. Whenever “it” steps on another person’s shadow, that person becomes the new “it.”

Chain Tag

Two people are chosen to be “it” in Chain Tag. Those chosen clasp each other’s hand and begin chasing others. When they tag someone else, that person needs to link hands with one of them to make a chain of three. The chain grows longer as more people are tagged.

Last Couple Out

Last Couple Out is a game where a leader is chosen. The other people involved in the game need to each choose a partner. Each partnered pair lines up behind the leader. When the leader yells, “last couple out,” the last couple in the line behind the leader separates and runs up the side he/she is on to try to get to the front of the line before the leader tags one of them. Whoever gets tagged becomes the new leader, and the game continues.

Have a good old fashioned stick pull contest!

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