Valentines Day Tip

Can you believe Valentines Day is right around the corner? Where did Christmas go? It seems that the holidays are all meshing together. I just barely got my Christmas all put away and now it is time for another holiday. I thought it would be helpful to post a few great ideas for Valentines Day that we have here at Zions Mercantile. Each month we have bread of the month. The bread we have available today through February is Sweet Cranberry-White Chocolate. Imagine a delicious sweet, moist vanilla bread filled with delicious white chocolate chinks and sweet, red cranberries. It is wonderful and looks like a gift of love.

Another fun item we have is the Love Measuring Spoons. They are beautiful spoons with red, jeweled hearts. Each sp0on has a special saying engraved in the middle. (A heap of trust, a spoonful of sharing, a pinch of hugs, a dash of passion.) They are so fun. You don’t have to be a great cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen to fall in love with these spoons.





We also have the mini measuring spoons that are the Keys to Love. They are tiny spoons that say Family, Friends, Love. These are perfect gifts for your special Valentine. I am sure the pioneers did not have gifts as wonderful as these. A simple note, written from the heart is always a cherished gift. Make sure you tell the ones you love just how special they are. Life is short and I believe we don’t say those three little words enough..I love you!

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