A Different Set of Challenges

All of us face a variety of challenges each day. They range from lost keys and unemployment to bad health and the passing of a loved one. Each challenge placed before us is something we can handle. We’ve been promised that we will never receive more than we can handle. (even though it might not feel like that at times)

When times get tough it’s helpful to keep things in perspective. The pioneers faced some trials that are quite different from the ones we face today. Each day was a struggle to survive as they crossed the plains.

It’s gotten colder outside and the employee parking lot is a little ways away from the shop. It can be a bit annoying to have to make the walk in the cold. But as I walked this morning from my heated car to my heated store I felt gratitude for the pioneers who went before. There was no heated building or transportation. It was bitter cold all winter long and yet they got up each morning and continued to move forward.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There is a lot to be grateful for (like our heated buildings) but it is important to look at the challenges you face and be grateful for them as well. The challenges we face each day help us smooth out the rough edges and become better versions of ourself.

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