One Fall Day

Don’t you just love Fall? We love the colors on the trees, the cool, crisp air, football games, caramel apples, warm bread and soup for dinner, fuzzy blankets and General Conference. This last conference held October 1, 2011 we were able to hear the announcement of a new temple being constructed in downtown Provo, Utah. We have had a lot of people stop by the store and comment on that announcement. This particular piece of art is a photo by Robert Boyd and it is of the current Provo Temple. What a wonderful time of year to take a photo. The colors are amazing. Wherever you are take a moment today to stop and notice the colors that surround you at this time of year. The changing of the seasons is amazing. Enjoy a deep breath of cool air, an intense red or golden leaf, a sticky caramel apple, a game of football with your son. Before you know it we will have snow and the season will change once again. And even more important we will have a new temple to adorn our city. Enjoy this season.

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