Looking West

This is a wonderful piece of art by Robert Boyd entitled ‘Looking West’. While living in Nauvoo this past year, this was what I had the opportunity to view each and every day. It was wonderful to be able to experience the sunset each night along the Mississippi. The Nauvoo Temple faces west and the angel Moroni that stands a top the temple is the only angel Moroni that actually faces west. All other angel Moroni’s that stand high on other LDS temples face east. You may ask yourself why does this angel face west? This was President Gordon B. Hinckley’s choice and he said that it would face the angel on the Salt Lake Temple. Between these two temples lies the history of the faithful saints who so bravely crossed the plains. These two temples are the bookends to the history and stories of the saints. When I stood on the Nauvoo temple grounds and gazed over the Mississippi and looked west, I knew that far beyond the pink and yellow hues of the sunset was my true home, my family and friends I loved so very much. I missed them dearly but, could not help thinking of those loved ones who stood on this same land years earlier and gazed into the west wondering if they would ever see loved ones or friends. They had no idea what the future would hold for them and yet they took the first step into the west. None of us know what the future will hold for us, but we like them, have to take the first step into the west. Don’t be afraid of what you are not able to see. Have the faith to take the first step.

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