Miracles are all around us.

The war of Nauvoo raged in 1846. The Mobs drove the Saints the poorest of the poor, the weak, the elderly, crippled victims of disease from Nauvoo. Homes were ransacked and robbed. The mobs were cruel to the aged and abused people burying their dead. Some Saints were tried and sentenced to death. The Saints fled in haste.
Jane Johnston Black, a midwife and physician called and sep apart by Joseph Smith wrote, “A posse surrounded our wagons and demanded we give up our arms. i had a pistol in my bosom. I drew it out and told them, “Here is my pistol, but I will use it before I give it up.” They did not take it from me, but threatened to throw me in the river that night. We then ferried across the Mississippi River. I borrowed a tent and delivered nine babies that night. We had nothing to eat, but 1/2 bushel of cornmeal and a half of a dozen cucumbers. There were a great many sick among us and nothing to comfort and nourish until the Lord sent quails. Blessed by the name of the Lord.” (Jane Johnston Black Autobiography and Biography Early Latterday Saints Data Base.)
“The suffering and sadness of the camp I shall never forget. It is impossible for human tongue to describe the cries of the hungry children for food and shelter and the groans of the sick and dying and the sadness of others for loss of loved ones. What a terrible night of misery. We didn’t have a light except a candle which flickered out in the wind and rain as it was carried from one place to another to care for the sick and dying. It was here under these heart wrenching conditions that God sent a countless flock of quail. They were so tame we could catch them in our hands.” (Mary Field Garner, The Last Leaf)

Prayers were answered. Hundreds of quail flew and fell into the hands of the Saints. Like the miracles of ancient Israel. The Lord provided the quail for modern Israel. But Behold I will show you a God of Miracles…..it is that same God who created the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are.
Everyday there are miracles that surround us. It is up to us to take a moment from the busy, hectic lives we live and pause to recognize the miracles everyday. Sometimes the miracles are not large like the miracle of the Quail. Most often the miracles are very small like the telephone call I received form a dear friend after a trying experience that I had not mentioned to anyone. What miracle have you received today? We would love to hear your miracles for those willing to share.

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