Are you Your Brother’s Keeper?

Living in Utah we are all very familiar with many pioneer stories from ancestors of the past. Here at Zion’s Mercantile we strive to share some of those stories so that lessons learned years ago can be preserved and never forgotten. We have a beautiful piece of art titled ‘Brother’s Keeper’ by Michael Bedard. It is a tender piece with an important message for all of us. James Kirkwood, an eleven-year-old convert from Scotland struggled across the frozen prairie with his widowed mother and brothers. While his mother attended her cripppled son and the handcart, James was responsible for his four-year-old brother Joseph. A snowstorm with icy winds strung out the caravan of beleaguered saints. Ascending the last miles up Rocky Ridge with little Joseph on his back, James arrived late at Rock Creek camp. Here, James Kirkwood succumbed to the extreme exposure of the day and breathed his last breath for the love of his little brother. He was buried in a common grave with thirteen others who perished that night. Little Joseph eventually made it into the Salt Lake Valley and went on to become a beloved Mormon Bishop of a large and grateful Salt Lake ward.
I marvel at the love James Kirkwood showed for his brother. His tender care preserved Joseph’s life. He gave his all for his brother. The amazing thing about this story is it didn’t cost him any money. He didn’t purchase any type of gift for his brother. All he did was love him. He offered his service and gave of himself. How many times do we neglect the small and simple thing for our brother, sister, spouse or neighbor? Today I want you to try a little harder to do the little things. After all it is the little things that really are the big things. When was the last time a little thing was really a big thing in your life? We would love to hear from you.

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